Frieda Midwives consists of two enthusiastic and experienced midwives who each guide their own women during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. This form of care is also known as “caseload obstetrics”. We each guide three to five women per month. This allows us to dedicate extra time and attention to get to know you and your partner and to provide tailor-made care.

Small Scale

During our consultation hours, we take ample time to answer your questions and discuss complaints, and to tailor treatment accordingly. Due to the small scale and continuity of our care the chance of complications is lower, we have less hospital referrals and the chance of a spontaneous, natural delivery is higher.


Everything starts with a no-strings-attached introductory talk, so we can listen to your needs and desires. If you choose to work with us, we will invite you for an intake meeting and then guide you through the entire process, regardless of how the birth goes. In case of a medical indication, when the gynaecologist takes over, we will think along with you and keep in touch.


Below you will find a summary of our guidance:

  • 1 hour no-obligation introductory talk, allowing you to decide whether you want to start working with Frieda.
  • We take plenty of time during the consultation hour. Consultations last between 30 and 60 minutes (normally 10-15 minutes).
  • You will see the same midwife during the entire pregnancy, delivery and childbirth.
  • You get to know Frieda’s 2nd midwife during your pregnancy, because she is the back-up (substitute during illness, holidays, schooling) for your midwife.
  • We work from a holistic and natural vision on pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
  • We take the time for the choices you make regarding pregnancy, delivery and maternity time and wil help you to carry your own responsibility.
  • Promoting and maintaining health by integrating massages and complementary medicine.
  • In case of a medical indication, when the gynecologist takes over the care, we stay in touch, look for possibilities to monitor the physiology and autonomy.
  • We have been extensively trained in childbirth guidance.
  • Extensive maternity visits with attention to physical recovery, emotional balance and the promotion of a safe bonding.
  • We promote ultrasound only for medical reason an have our own ultrasound specialist.


Frieda’s midwives are BIG registered and in the quality register of the KNOV, of which we are also a member.


Blood tests are partly taken at the Frieda practice or at the STAR medical diagnostic center. For medical consultations or a transfer to a gynaecologist, we collaborate with all the hospitals in Rotterdam.
For PD, prenatal diagnostic at around 20 weeks (structural ultrasound examination) we recommend a special ultrasound center.


You may have a complaint about Frieda during or after the care. Hopefully we got to know each other well enough to discuss it, because we are always open to look at ourselves with a critical eye and to keep improving ourselves and our skills. If you really prefer not to discuss it with us or if you would like an independent opinion, you can contact the Complaints Officer of the CBKZ. He/ she will then help you further. Speaking about medical liability or compensation is not part of their duties.

See the CBKZ website for the various contact options:

CBKZ – Central Bureau for Complaints Management in Healthcare
Molenstraat 30
4201 CX Gorinchem
0183 68 28 29