for birth preparation and labor

Acupressure is simple and effective massage technique which is usually supplementary to acupuncture but can be also used as a treatment itself.
It uses gentle to firm thumb pressure and it is easy method that can be taught to clients and their partners that they can take it home.
This makes acupressure ideal treatment for the final weeks of pregnancy, labor and postpartum care.
During the last weeks of pregnancy it is essential to maintain state of calm and relaxation which also transfer to a baby for preparation to birth.

During this workshop I am going to teach you easy ways to locate the points and how to perform acupressure.
We will use points which promote relaxation, soften the cervix, ease pain and prepare your body for the delivery journey.
I will teach additional points for the most common issues affecting women during the final stage of pregnancy.
Some of the points are used during labor to ease the pain,calm the breathing, so it is important to learn these points together with a partner/ support person at the workshop.
It is recommended to wear suitable clothing during the workshop such as sport trousers and top to get access to the points.
This workshop is specifically for women who are from 28 weeks pregnant.

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